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Season 1 Episode 5: The Principles of Proof with Dr. Dennis Bier

I firmly believe that the principles of the scientific method established over the last several hundred years are the same in physics as they are in nutrition to determine proof, there are certain fundamental principles of science that I believe are no different in nutrition or in the age of the universe.

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Season 1 Episode 4: The Fate of a Manuscript with Dr. Dennis Bier

And that’s the first step in what happens in a journal, the papers arrive at the editor’s office and they get assigned to someone who’s going to handle them. Now, this is a crucial step because one can almost determine the fate of a manuscript by the editor to whom it’s assigned. Hey, folks, welcome […]

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Season 1 Episode 2: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice with Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

Two years after the term first appeared in the medical literature, we were now in an era of evidence based medicine and that shows that the world was somehow ready. Hey, Brad. Greetings, Matt. How are you? I’m good, how are you? I’m nothing to complain about except for all the pandemics. Man Yeah, it’s […]

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